Hi, I'm Sauli Sarre.

Software & Architecture specialist and a new technology enthusiast.

About Me


I'm a Software & an Architecture specialist from Utsjoki, Finland. Here I am: N69.54°, E27.00°.

I wrote my first piece of code in early 80's, when I got my first computer, and I started my career as a developer in mid 90's.

I have been in many projects, some of them were large and complex. I have used various languages like java, javascript, c#, visual basic, c and c++. Lately I have been using mainly java.

My Specialities

Backend development and architecture. That's my main speciality and interest of. Designing a robust and scalable backend is always a challenge, but it's possible with the right knowledge and expertise.

How clients or client software interacts with backend? It's a really big issue in almost every system, and needs really good thinking how things should and could work. Ruling out features or other things just because it's hard to do, should not be an option at all. There is always a way to accomplish good result, we just have to find it..

Agile thinking and doing is the way to go. I have been in many projects using agile philosophy: scrum, lean, kanban. If doing and thinking is evolving agile way, there is a good change that the best result is achieved.

My main strength is creating reliable, fast and scalable backend solutions, using well known frameworks and technologies like Spring Framework with sql/nosql persistent storage.

Send me a message:

[email protected]

Give me a call:

+358 40 7309 541

Work with me

If you have a project you would like to work on with me, please send a email and let's start discussion about your project.

Currently (4/2017) I am not available for new projects, but you can send me a message, and I'll notify you when I'm available.